Earn Bet Casino – Hold BET Tokens To Earn BTC / ETH

Earn Bet is one of the top bitcoin casinos and users are able to earn profits simply holding BET tokens in their account wallets.. you can get a monthly payment in both bitcoin and ethereum.

This platform runs on the WAX blockchain and has been online for over 2 years now.. it’s a stable platform and 100% of the profits are shared with BET token holders automatically!

This top bitcoin casino currently has 5 games which all run directly on-chain – every single bet is a transaction done on the wax blockchain in real time and all the bets are provably fair running on smart contracts and are available for anyone to inspect.


Another one of the best reasons to hold BET tokens is it actually reduces the house edge! This means you will win more often.. something any gambler would love!

Simply hold the tokens in your account wallet to reduce your house edge and get better odds when betting on the site.. it’s a unique feature you won’t find on other bitcoin gambling websites.


The total supply of BET tokens is a maximum of one hundred million.. similar to Ethereum.

BET tokens are being burnt and lost every day so the total supply of BET tokens is always going down rather than increasing in supply.


It’s very quick and easy to stake BET tokens – simply deposit BET tokens in your account wallet, visit the staking page and click stake.

You can choose different amounts of times to stake your tokens for and each lock up period pays a different interest rate – The longer you stake your tokens the higher profits you can earn.

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