Staking coins is the easiest way to mine cryptocurrency, this site lists the most popular coins to stake that have affiliate referral systems where you can earn cryptocurrency referring users.


BFG – Shares revenue generated on bet fury gambling platform, pays daily in btc / trx.

Wise – Defi token for providing liquidity to exchanges, earn eth holding the token, uses meta mask.

e2X – Stake this coin to receive daily ethereum payments, easy to use system.

BET – Decentralized gambling platform that gives 100% of profit to token holders.

AXN – Ethereum based staking coin, pays profits in ethereum based on tokens held.

Merca – Earn profits from this crypto exchange by holding tokens.

KCS – Kucoin exchange shares the daily trading profits with token holders.

Binance – This exchange let’s you stake many different coins and earn yearly interest.

Stake Cube – This online wallet let’s you stake many different coins and earn profit.

CCH – Earn profit holding CCH tokens and staking other coins on this exchange.


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